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     [email protected]ddy Paws

One to one award winning dog grooming service

Muddy Paws​ Services


Please note when making a appointment Muddy Paws is now operating a cancellation fee. Less than 24 hours notice a fee of 15% of the cost of the groom will be changed.

All prices shown or quoted over the phone are to be used as quotes, there are just a rough guide price until the pet and the condition of the coat is seen.

We do recommending booking in advance and we are a appointment only ran business

Mobile Appointments can be booked for 

Mondays and Fridays 

Appointments are tried to be kept but on some occasions the appointment maybe needed to be changed as area days are changed. This is purely to keep prices down.

Shop Appointments can be booked for 

  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Walk in appointments for the cabin are for nail clipping only 


Here is a rough price guide and the services that are available and what there include: All prices include a bath,nails trimmed, ear plucking{certain breeds} and cleaning,eye cleaning,anal glands, a cut and a spray of perfume.

Clip off/one length all over

Clip offs are ideal for owners that don't have time to brush their dog making it easier and less time consuming.This cut is also ideal for the warm weather helping keep your dog stay cooler.

Being short does not have to mean to the skin the blades come in different lengths and you can have a medium length all over.

Small/medium breeds:From £38.00      Large breeds:From £45.00

 A Trim

Trims are when the dog is brush out removing all the dead hair and undercoat.

The feet,face,bum,skirt and feathers are trimmed.

A lot of the larger and double coated breeds have this hair cut. Double coated breeds have two coats. Some double coated breeds can be clipped into e.g shiz tzu, lhasa apso. The other double coated breeds are advised not to be cut into as this can spoil the coat texture causing it to grow curly and uneven. e.g collies,retrievers,germen shepherds.

You can have as much or as little hair trimmed off the length as you want. This is normally the first cut done when having a puppies first cut.

Small /medium breeds: From £35.00      Large breeds: From £45.00

Breed cuts

Breed cuts are what your breed is meant to look like, how there look in the show ring. These cuts can be shorten to pet cuts these are more manageable but still give the look of the breed.

Most of the breed cuts are very simpler.Short backs,skirts and feathers. 

Small/medium breeds: From £38.00              Large breeds:From £ 45.00

 A Bath only

A bath only is for your short haired breeds or if you just want your dog freshened up.

This includes the bath,nail trim,ears and eyes.

 Starts from: £25.00


Dog/cat nail trimming is £10.oo

Small animal nail trimming £6.oo

Small animal trims 

Small animal trims include clipping if required or trimming

brush out, nail trim, and a wipe down, can bath on request.

From: £15.00       

 Perfume sprays

Perfume spray for your dog to help keep them sweet smelling in between grooming sessions. All bottles are 30mls . Different scents are available:

The Boys

The Girls

£ 6.00 each